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How to Download Twitter videos

In this article, We’ll show you clearly with a Step by Step guide about how to download videos using both our desktop and app version.

Step by Step Guide for Twitter video Download through Desktop

1.Visit Twitter site

Downloading your favourite video from our website seems to be quite interesting and simple, although, you just need to follow up this specific pattern to have your videos downloaded right. Once you get aware of the process, you will get the videos downloaded within minutes!

At the first step, you must visit the Twitter site and select the video that you are willing to download. just stay updated with the channel or account from where the video originated, this will make the process simpler.

2. Now copy the URL of the desirable video

As you have already landed on the channel or account where the video is posted, next up you are supposed to copy its link. Click on the video and a pop up page will likely to appear on your screen. Now go on the top most columns where links appear and copy the whole URL of this particular video.

3. paste the URL on our site

Now, as you have got the access to the URL of your favourite video, you will now continue to the second last step. Here, you are now supposed to visit our Twitter downloader website and paste the link over the available column

4. download the video

Right below the downloading column, sits our ‘download’ button. Just paste the URL and click on the button. As you press the button, a popup window will appear where you will see an option of ‘download now’ click on it and the video will start downloading over your system.

Twitter videos download through your mobile phone app

1.Download the Twitter app

As our website is truly compatible with your mobile phone as well, you can undertake the process of video downloading through your Smartphone as well. Just ensure that you have got the Twitter app, if not, then download it through the store and sign in. once you do this, open the account where the video is posted from.

2.copy the URL of the video

The next step is similar to what you did in the laptop version. Here, you may require loading the video so as to download or copy its URL. You will see the specified option from where you can copy the link, share video and do a lot more. Just select the ‘copy URL’ option and move further.

3.paste the video’s URL on our website

Once you are done with the task of copying the URL, visit our Twitter video downloader website through your mobile and paste the URL of the video which you wish to download in the available column which pops up.

4.Download Video

now, check down the available download button and proceed further. a popup window will appear, asking you to insure whether you wish to download or not. Just choose the ‘download now’ option, and you will witness the progress of the video being downloaded on your phone. Thus, this is how easy as it goes! All you are up to do is, have your stable internet connection and stay in touch with what videos you love the most! Our Twitter downloader will let you have amusing experience with the superfast and great quality downloading features.