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Top 10 Funny Instagram Accounts – 2020

Social media definitely tends to keep one busy in their spare time or even otherwise. Many people tend to scroll through Instagram looking for posts which could give them a moment of laughter or happiness.

Many such users have also set up funny accounts on Instagram where they upload all sorts of material that revolves around the ideas of comedy.

With thousands of such accounts being out there for everyday users to enjoy from, there are a bunch of funny Instagram accounts which stand out. Here are the top 10 funny accounts that we could find:

1. @textsfromyourexistentialist

It is no doubt that modern-day teenagers or normal Instagram users tend to go through an existential crisis.

With a bunch of people becoming prone to such a condition, this account puts forward some quality jokes and comedy revolving around the ideas of existentialism.

Touching upon some everyday concepts of depression, gender, and stress, the account engages users with outstanding memes and jokes which they would remember for a lifetime.

2. @kanyedoingthings

The modern-day users of Instagram will definitely be aware of the popular star Kanye West. Well, this account is put up specifically to put forward images of Kanye West doing everyday normal things.

These pictures and their captions tend to be creative and funny, giving the user a good deal of laughter when viewing them.

The images revolve around Kanye taking part in activities like riding a rollercoaster, licking an ice cream, getting an eye test done, sleeping on a train, etc. These are everyday activities, but they are usually portrayed in a manner that allows one to find a funny element within them.


3. @peejet

Well, this guy is known for making himself look like a celebrity in front of popular stars. This account puts up tons of photo-shopped images with a guy with different celebrities.

The images tend to be hilarious as they find the celebrity in a completely natural moment, having peejet randomly jump in doing something extremely funny.


The users of Instagram find the account to be entertaining and follow the posts punctually. One thing we know for sure is that Peejet barely runs out of ideas and is always creative with what Photoshop skill is to be used next.

4. @jeremyveach

This account has the ability to produce the type of comedy which gets any typical user excited – pug selfies.

Nothing in the world can go wrong when it comes to pug selfies. The jeremyveachaccount uploads all sorts of exciting pug selfies where pet pugs pose with different props and costume, putting on a show for the users.


The photos put up allow the users to share moments of laughter with each other. What they say is definitely true; a dog is a man’s best friend. Best friends make you laugh all the time!

5. @passengershaming

All sorts of people take flights to commute from one location to another, and this account takes all sorts of pictures of people doing things on an airplane.


The passengershaming account on Instagram snaps images of people doing awkward things on an airplane and puts them up with funny captions for Instagram users to enjoy. It is all about timing and creativity, and this account surely has it all!

6. @funnywhenitswrong

This one’s name speaks for itself. The account puts together all sorts of wrong things and snaps them at the right moment just to be able to present them as comedy.

With different videos put up on the account, users enjoy the laughter and jokes that it brings to the table.


With small moments like people falling down, messed up hairstyles, and unachievable diets, the account finds humor in the most inappropriate of things.

7. @girlwithnojob

Well, the girl with no job definitely has a great job of entertaining others! This account puts up all sorts of funny material including disaster dates and messed up makeup tutorials.


For this very reason, it has a great deal of followers and a lot of laugh reactions to the posts that are put up.

8. @kidsaretheworst

While parents may definitely agree that kids are the worst, this account has a funny way of putting forward that very statement.

The Instagram account is purely about kids in moments where they embarrass themselves or are stuck in a position which will make one laugh for sure.


Whether it is messing up their dinner or having a laughing fit with their pet, this account definitely portrays what one does not see every day!

9. @yoyoha

This account is run by Josh Hara, who is a creative artist who aims to make people laugh and smile.

What he does is that he takes out time to make drawings on coffee cups which he then shares on his Instagram.


These drawings usually revolve around funny material that engage the user in a comedy-related environment.

10. @miserable_men

This account will definitely make the women laugh! All men go through the experience of being dragged into shopping at some point in their life.

This account puts up pictures of men who do not seem too happy at stores while their partner is shopping.

Whether it is a wife, sister, or mother, most men tend to find their own activities to waste time when it comes to shopping. These pictures definitely make one laugh and put forward a hilarious experience!

While there are thousands of Instagram accounts out there that fall under the category of funny, only a few tend to get to the top of the list of ultimate laughter and humor.

All sorts of humor-related accounts can be found when it comes to finding jokes or laughing material on Instagram.

Therefore, if you are looking to take a break from your work and have a few minutes of smiling or laughing, definitely follow these accounts for their exciting posts!


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