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How to Download Dailymotion videos

Twitter is a popular online social networking channel that allows users to post messages, photos and videos and interact with their friends and families. In this article, we’ll clearly show you how to download Twitter videos from both desktop and app version of Twitter with the help of a step by step guide.

Step by Step Guide for Dailymotion Video Download through Desktop

1.Visit Dailymotion site

Our Twitter downloader is one of the most efficient twitter downloaders out there that helps you to download all your twitter videos easily. To download your favorite twitter video, please follow the steps provided below and you’ll be able to download the video in just a couple of minutes. First step is to finalize the video you need to download from twitter, so visit www.twitter.com to look for your video.

2. Now copy the URL of the desirable video

Now it’s time to choose the video you wish to download. To do that, just click the video you need and it will open in a popup window and click the arrow near the follow button to open a menu as shown in the picture below:

In the menu, click “Copy Link to Tweet” to copy the URL of the video

3. Paste the Twitter Video URL

Once you have the URL of the video to be downloaded readily available, you need to visit our Twitter Video Downloader using the URL https://likesandfollowersclub.com/twitter-downloader/. Once you are in the site, paste the URL which you’ve copied earlier as shown in the picture below. Once you’ve pasted the URL, click on “Download” button

4. Download the video

When the download button is clicked, the video will open in a new page allowing you to download either a video in SD quality or HD quality. Click on the desired option to download the video.

Step by Step Guide for Twitter Video Download through Twitter Application

1. Download Twitter App

Make sure you have the Twitter App installed on your mobile phone. Open the application to choose your favorite video to download.

2.copy the URL of the video

Once you’ve chosen the video you need to download, click on the video and it will open in a separate page. Now to copy the URL of the video, click on the share icon on the bottom right of the video to open a menu as shown in the picture below:

Now click on the “Copy to Clipboard” link to copy the twitter video URL

3.Paste the URL

Once you have copied the URL of the Twitter video, visit the Twitter video downloader website from your mobile at https://likesandfollowersclub.com/twitter-downloader/ and paste the URL you’ve copied before. Once you’ve pasted the URL, click the “Download” button.

4.Download Video

now, check down the available download button and proceed further. a popup window will appear, asking you to insure whether you wish to download or not. Just choose the ‘download now’ option, and you will witness the progress of the video being downloaded on your phone. Thus, this is how easy as it goes! All you are up to do is, have your stable internet connection and stay in touch with what videos you love the most! Our Dailymotion downloader will let you have amusing experience with the superfast and great quality downloading features.